Yeast Infection Treatments

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How do you cure yeast infections?

There are a variety of yeast infection treatments you can buy over the counter. Monistat, Vagisil, and others. They will often have a number on them indicating how long it takes for them to take full effect. I recommend using one with a higher number and applying them for the full length of time, but you can do the one day ones if you want. If you use a treatment, but don't completely eliminate the fungus, and it comes back, it will now be more resistant to that treatment and can be a pain in the ass to get rid of.


What is the best natural cure for a yeast infection?

There are actually a lot of natural treatments for yeast infection. But there’s one effective natural remedy that I can suggest you. It’s the tea tree oil.

Symptoms of yeast infection can be deleterious that’s why it’s important to take not just advanced medicines but also natural ones which are effective and without serious side effects and expensive cost. Tea tree oil is indeed useful because it can be used to alleviate symptoms of yeast infections such as mild to moderate itching, burning sensations, irritation, redness, swelling, soreness, and vaginal pain and odor.

Aside from using tea tree oil, people with yeast infection should also incorporate some other relief measures such diet modification and clean and proper hygiene.


What should I do if my girlfriend has a yeast infection?

Don't have sex with her until she's fully recovered, unless you want a yeast infection yourself.

Nice things to do? I guess you could go and buy her medicine, assuming that you're willing to be seen buying Monistat. Otherwise, it's a really minor ailment. I don't think much action is needed on your part.


What is the best OTC medicine to treat a yeast infection?

There are a variety of over the counter treatments for a yeast infection. Monistat (miconazole) is effective and there are other drugs in this same class that work well (clotrimazole, tioconazole..not sure what their brand names are).

Should I go to an urgent care center if I think I have a yeast infection? What tests would they run?


Assumption: You're female and asking about a vaginal yeast infection.

Yeast infection treatments are available over the counter at pharmacies in the US. Look in the feminine hygiene section. Monistat is a popular brand.

If you are unsure if that's what you have, or you've never had one, a visit to a doctor might be in order, although it's not an urgent situation (even though it can sometimes feel like one).

The doctor will want to do a vaginal exam. They'll look, and take a swab to look at under the microscope. It's not painful. Once they rule out other possible causes, they'll either prescribe a pill or recommend you buy a vaginal cream or ovule to treat the infection.


Why do I get yeast infections so often?

Are you a woman, and are you talking about vaginal yeast infections? If so, you should see a health care provider. There are several problems that can cause similar symptoms, so rather than assuming it's yeast you should have someone check with a microscope so you can be sure that's what it is (other common problems are bacterial vaginosis, trichomonas, and STDs). If you are having frequent yeast infections, it would be a good idea to get tested for diabetes and possibly for HIV. Usually, though, women with frequent yeast infections don't have these problems. In the topics you've listed antibiotics, but antibiotics act against bacteria, not yeast infections (these are caused by fungi). Antifungals are the treatment for yeast infections. If it's been verified that they are yeast infections, and you have ruled out diabetes and HIV, try the following: 1. Avoid things that might cause vaginal irritation like strong soaps. Use mild soap (nothing strongly scented, nothing antibacterial) and rinse copiously with clean water when showering. Never douche. Wear cotton panties rather than polyester.

2. Avoid sweets (desserts) and eliminate sodas and fruit juices. (Do eat fresh, whole fruit.)

3. If you use any sex toys, be sure you have a very good disinfection process.