Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Complementary and Alternative Medicine: What's an effective way to treat venereal warts?

I have treated thousands of patients with condylomata accuminata (venereal warts). The best treatment is with the CO2 laser, which I had in my office. In men, just a little local anesthesia injected with a small 30 guage needle, then vaporize the warts. This might need to be repeated, but eventually you will build up antibodies and the warts will stop recurring.

In cases in which you did not want to use the laser, Efudex can be used, but very carefully. This can burn the skin.

In some resistant cases, I found the best treatment occurred when the couple went separate ways. Of course, it is entirely possible that the stress of the relationship was responsible for the recurrence.


What is the difference between a corn and a wart?

Warts are contagious skin condition caused by human papilloma virus.They can affect any part of body.Plantar warts are confused with corns.Corns are non infectious,non contagious condition due to chronic pressure over skin leading to thickening of the same.They affect mostly heel of foot and toe.

On careful inspection,one can find a black dot in deep part of a wart while there isn't such dot in a corn.

The surface over the wart is rough.

The pain will be more in case of warts compared to feeling of discomfort while walking in case of corn.


What is the cure for warts on hands and feet?

Sometimes a doctor will use liquid nitrogen to freeze it off. I had a wart on my Achilles tendon once and the doctor didn't want to damage the tendon, so he couldn't effectively freeze it off. So I tried a variety of other cures, including wrapping my ankle in duct tape (which just drew more attention to the damn wart). Eventually it disappeared.

It depends on the type of wart. A lot of warts are contagious so be careful. A dermatologist can help you know what type you've got and how to get rid of them.


How do I get rid of a plantar wart?

Make sure that you have a plantars wart to start with, many people have a corn and sometimes it can be quite funny when they have had professional treatment for years for this problem.

The best treatment methods:

1- leave it. It can go within 3 years by itself, if you want to wait and it is not getting worse do that.

2- file down with a file when the skin is dry to stop the build up of hard skin which is the main concern and keep that file separate from everything.

3- don't use any preparation whatever you do unless you have podiatrist approval- we have seen too many ulcers and problems caused by this negligence on behalf of friend/ family advice.

4- Over the counter meds do not work anyway- they are too soft.

5- See a Podiatrist if it is a pain, they should be able to assess you (not all people should have anything done) and talk with you about the proper treatment methods. Most make the area uncomfortable for the wart virus.

6- they can and do come back so don't get hopes too much up.