Satin & Velvet Adjustable Sleep Aid Masks with Ear Plugs! Convenient for Travel, Daytime Naps and Nighttime Sleep By Cashmere Dream for Men, Women and Kids! Blue and Washable, One Size Fits All

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Manufacturer Description

Are you suffering from sleepless nights or Insomnia? This may be an indication of circadian rhythm deregulation or stress. Our bodies function on a biological clock that is reset and stimulated by morning(sunrise) and nighttime(sunset) hours. Our Cashmere Dream Sleeping Aid Eye Masks help fully block out light and noise to mimic a nighttime sleep anytime, anywhere. During evening hours, it is suggested not to watch television or look at bright back-lit screens electronics because their light(blue light exposure) inhibits proper Melatonin production and release to induce sleep. Our mask helps with this situation if you are constantly exposed to environments with a lot of light and noise that prevent sleep. Getting enough sleep is linked to many vital health benefits such as a balanced hormone levels from your Thyroid, regular body and cellular repair, increased energy, mood and productivity! All you need to have have a wonderful day is a good night's rest and our eye masks will insure you are undisturbed! Quality over quantity of sleep: To ensure a deep sleep, our sleeping environment must be cozy, soundless and limited in external and artificial light. Our Cashmere Dream Sleeping Aid Eye Masks help create that environment. The added ear plugs drastically reduce noise and the eye mask fully covers the eyes to prevent any light penetration. How does this benefit sleep? Deep quality sleep will help your body repair, rebuild and energize you for the coming day, allowing you to wake up feeling absolutely great. Features: Lightweight design, washable, portable, quality materials, adjustable head Velcro straps, noise reduction earplugs, velvet padding, blue Satin. Masks are airline approved. We carefully selected our mask's materials for years of use. Caring for your mask is also very simple and cost effective. Just gently hand wash in lukewarm water and soap, and lay flat to dry! Satisfaction guaranteed by Cashmere Dream or your money back, no questions asked!

Product Features

Suffering from Insomnia or other related sleep disorders? Using our sleep masks for naps and night time sleep will greatly improve the quality of your sleep by blocking out noise and light! This allows you to fall into deep sleep for increased energy, rejuvenation and mood. Our face masks are very versatile and are great gifts for friends, family, men and women of all ages, teenagers, students and children ages 3 and up Includes an instruction manual to guide you with maximizing the benefits of your new Cashmere Dream Sleep Aid Eye Mask, how to properly use the foam plugs to greatly reduce ambient noise during daytime naps, nighttime sleep or travel. A simple yet effective accessory to improve sleep quality Blocks all light and drastically reduces noise, helping you drift into a plush, pleasant sleep. The Cashmere Dream Eye Mask allows you enjoy a little siesta anytime, anywhere! The velvet padding on the inner side of the mask adds comfort to your eyebrow, forehead and eye socket area, further aiding sleep. Caring and washing these masks is simple and cost effective. We only use the best materials Make our face masks a part of your routine nighttime therapy to improve sleeping rhythms. It has been long shown that adequate hours of deep quality sleep promote cellular repair, increased mood and energy in the morning! Better sleep contributes to enhanced performance in all aspects of our lives! Take control of your quality of sleep with our Cashmere Dream Sleeping Aid Face Masks today For more in-depth information on promoting better sleep and increasing your energy, see the description below. Purchase your Cashmere Dream Sleeping Aid Eye Mask now or give a beloved person the gift of better sleep. Lifetime money back guarantee, 24 hour customer service and returns