Ear Syringes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Where online can I buy an electronic ear syringe to remove wax?

I think you need a cotton bud rather than an "electronic ear syringe". The wax in your ears is important as it protects the delicate insides of your ear by trapping dusts and other particulate matters that enters your ear. I personally think that you dont have to remove every single wax in your ear. You dont need an electronic device, you just need a cotton buds. Which you can buy in a drugstore.


Are there side effects of removing ear wax with a syringe?

You can remove ear wax using a syringe to introduce a warm liquid to loosen the wax, not remove it. We are supposed to have a certain amount of wax in our ears at all times to protect our ears.

When it gets really warm outside our ears seem extra waxy. The best solution I've found is to put some witch hazel (available at the drug store) on a cotton ball and wipe the inside of my ear with it. The next time you have a shower you won't believe how much wax will come out of your ears.

Putting any kind of tool in your ear can do great damage to your ear drum. So stick with cotton balls to be on the safe side.