Adhesive Removers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


When removing adhesive labels, what is the best angle to pull the sticker to avoid leaving some adhesive behind?

Diagonal, working from one corner, pulling very slowly, and preferably with the assistance of a little naphthalene (Ronsonol, Zippo fluid) to dissolve the adhesive.


Is it better to remove adhesive tape from a window in hot or cool temperature?

I have had bad luck with tape in both situations. Hopefully the tape hadn't been there for too long!

if it is normal tape (like scotch tape) you may have better luck in the heat with direct sunlight, but YMMV. The ehow link by Renato below looks plausible to me.


What is the best way to remove residual band-aid or medical tape adhesive and dirt without hard scrubbing?

Acetone will work but is toxic and volatile. I'd try Lava, or GOJO hand soap (made for macho men). Both have pumice in them which essentially grinds away the stuff on your skin. Doesn't hurt. Feels a little like a spa treatment. Cheap. Pumice is non-toxic and I suspect both Lava and Gojo are, but you should check the label..